In 1996 we brought together a workshop and a studio to found Standard Architects, our collaborative workspace exploring design and building through the practice of architecture. Over twenty plus years collaborators have changed and the studio has taken over the workshop, but some things are constant:

Every project needs a client. Part of that’s obvious, but the relationship that develops inspires our work and we ask a lot of each other to realize a shared vision;

We are problem solvers. We thrive when we’re doing things we haven’t done before, using our diverse experience to see a problem anew and find the right solution;

We never work alone. Whether in our studio, with other architects, engineers, and designers, or with contractors and fabricators, collaboration is different voices keeping us focused on what’s essential;

Nothing is standard at Standard. A context and different requirements guide all our projects, but they don’t tell us which path to follow and we only know the destination when we reach it;

. . . if you’re a client or collaborator we’d like to meet you.

Address/43-10 11th Street, Second Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101