Project/R/GA Office





Manhattan West - New York, NY


After working with David Boehm for over 20 years, this turned out to be our last project together before his well-deserved retirement. Giving up a floor of the building meant removing a connecting stair, and renovating the remaining floor for new server rooms, a content studio, audio recording and editing suites, video editing rooms, and conference rooms. This multi-phased project started in the middle of 2020, and so against the backdrop of companies figuring out what was next for office space more generally. For our client, that turned out to be a strategy of “distributed creativity”, which involved leaving this office space not long after the work was completed.


Michael Zeh, Chaerim Jun, Emily Liu, Fabian Jabro at SA/ David Boehm, Linh Duong at R/GA/ Gardiner & Theobald/ Cosentini Associates/ Thornton Tomasetti/ L&K Partners, Inc./ Cycobuilders/ Rafael Gamo